Andrew Todd Conservators Ltd

Andrew Todd Conservators (ATC) is a professional art conservation firm, with over 40 years of expertise, providing full conservation project services from consultation to conservation treatments.

We assess, document, develop, coordinate and perform conservation treatment strategies for our clients in both Canada and abroad.


Our Services

Examinations & Assessments

ATC performs on-site inspection and condition assessments followed by thorough documentation and reporting to provide conservation treatment advice and options to ensure the best treatment of our clients’ artworks.

Project Planning & Management

ATC offers project management from the planning stages to conservation treatment; coordinating and providing guidelines to sub-trades where appropriate i.e. industrial movers, shipping and transportation, and logistics.

Conservation Treatments

ATC provides a full range of conservation treatment services for sculptural artworks in multi-mediums, ceramics, paintings and fine art objects. We rely on shared expertise, years of experience, as well as deep professional knowledge.

Recent Projects

Public Art

  • City of Burnaby
  • City of Calgary
  • City of Surrey
  • City of Vancouver
  • City of Victoria
  • City of Whiterock
  • Province of British Columbia
  • Yukon Government


First Nations

  • Vancouver International Airport - Gitxsan Totem Poles
  • Audain Gallery - Beau Dick Mask
  • Robert Davidson selected works
  • Haida Gwaii selected works
  • Windsor Great Park, UK - Mungo Martin Totem Pole


  • Saint Eugene Church, Cranbrook, BC
  • Mission Hill Winery, Kelowna, BC
  • University of British Columbia
  • Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Vancouver Maritime Museum